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Your mEgo carries your photos, posts, stories, tweets & preferences in one interactive avatar…letting you control what you share & where.

• In real life you have different personas for work, family, love-life and more. Your mEgo empowers you to easily have different personas on different sites, and one central mEgo to control them all. You can have different avatars for Instagram, SnapChat, Facebook and more.

• Choose a look for each one of your personas. From high-controlled realistic looking avatars to mysterious block-forms, use your looks to express who you want to be.

• on you get to CONTROL & manage your profile data, making you the boss of your online selves.


Why make a mEgo?

  1. Control what you share where and have YOUR backup of your history on mEgo.

  2. We will not share your private data with anyone nor use it to sell you stuff.

  3. mEgo helps you keep organized. Your avatar organizes your online life into neat little visual areas & bubbles up what you need to know with easy-to-understand icons.